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THANK YOU for 8 Powerful Years!
ORHA/OIHFA has sunset on June 30, 2023.

Dear ORHA Community,


As the 2023 Legislative Long Session has adjourned, we are announcing the closure of the Oregon Hemp Association, formerly the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association, on June 30, 2023

Over the last 18 months, to our disappointment, ORHA/OIHFA has lost more than half of its membership. While we understand the industry is in a period of transition, there has been an evident lack of engagement and financial prioritization from the broader Oregon hemp industry for our vital, forward-thinking advocacy, education, and policy safeguarding that has benefited all stakeholders. We wholeheartedly recognize the participation of our membership throughout the years, but without continued or commensurate support, we can no longer dedicate the energy or time needed to keep the Association going.

We CELEBRATE our members who have continued to support us over the years. We further have heartfelt gratitude for those who stepped up to have your voice heard when we reached out with calls to action regarding legislative and regulatory concerns, and the efforts you made to advance our work, your businesses, and the Oregon hemp industry.

We are EXTREMELY PROUD of our accomplishments since the formation of OIHFA in 2015. Several of our achievements are truly miraculous given ongoing obstacles, challenges, and opposition:

  1. Advocated for and passed 5 pro-hemp pieces of legislation.

  2. Consulted on all policy development and participated in every hemp-related rulemaking in Oregon since our formation.

  3. Made Oregon the national leader of policy and the #2 hemp-producing state. 

  4. Coordinated efforts with the Oregon Congressional Delegation to legalize commercial hemp production federally in the 2018 Farm Bill. Senator Ron Wyden during the keynote at US Hemp Growers Conference (August 2019) said "In a sentence, we would not have hemp legalization without Courtney."

  5. Strongly advocated for reforms to the USDA hemp production program rules to come more in line with the Oregon program rules we achieved.

  6. Successfully negotiated HB 3000 and saw it implemented effectively by our agencies and law enforcement stopping the abuse of the program we worked so hard to build.

  7. Helped facilitate Oregon becoming a USDA-approved state.

  8. Appointed by Oregon Governor Brown to the HB 3000/SB 1564 Taskforce, and strategically represented Oregon hemp growers and handlers through the conclusion of the Taskforce meetings. 

  9. Restricted moratorium proposals. We will see a repeal of the hemp licensing moratorium at the end of 2023!

  10. For 8 years our influential lobbying work was always done in support of the entire industry, as the Association has always represented every size of hemp business.


We understand the closure of ORHA will leave a void in vigilance and advocacy for the Oregon hemp industry. As a reminder, Courtney was the ONLY person to testify on behalf of the hemp industry at the impactful HB 3049 hearing.

While there will no longer be an in-state Association for the industry as a whole to rely on, Courtney is pursuing her essential work and love of this plant through her other organizations for private clients. For your hemp advocacy and lobbying needs please contact her national lobbying firm Agricultural Hemp Solutions at 888-388-4367 or, or contact her at her law firm, EARTH Law, LLC.

We hold an ongoing conviction that the hemp industry in Oregon will experience long-term success for both the cannabinoid and industrial hemp sectors. We are grateful to have led the creation of a significant, strong foundation and look forward to a bright future for our revolutionary industry.

It was an honor to serve and represent Oregon Hemp.


With Gratitude,

Courtney N. Moran, LL.M., President

Lorna Lyons, Executive Director

ORHA Board of Directors

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